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Circus Expansion Project


Over the past 75 years of circus, the campus has changed dramatically as have the students. The expectations of the students are higher and the standards of the University have been raised.


The circus too must strive to provide improved opportunities for students and support them to the best of our ability.  We need the tools to do so. The primary need now is to address our building, which was built in 1965. It is time to update the older facility in a way that will not only meet our current needs, but account for the future growth of the program. 


A new and expanded circus facility can be a feature of the FSU campus and a hub of campus and community involvement. Situated in an exceptional location in the activity corridor of campus, this building would speak to campus residents and visitors alike.  This would be a feature no other campus could boast and something all the FSU family can call their own

Expansion Phases

Phase 1:

Entryway Pavilion to give the Circus a new entryway with a ticket office, space for merchandise and space to gather outdoors. This entrance will ensure that the Circus becomes a focal point on campus for FSU students, alumni and community members.

Phase 2:

A brand-new facility to house rehearsal space, offices, costume studios, storage and production. It would also provide a larger space for training and offer the possibility of providing unique recreational classes and activities for all students.

Phase 3:

Renovate the existing structure, the ‘hut’, to provide public amenities such as restrooms, concessions, and additional storage space for a growing program.

Expansion Project Website

Follow the link below to the official website for the Expansion Project

Donate Towards Expansion!

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