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Meet the Board

Nicole Fearnbach Viverito


Years in Circus: 2007-2012


Acts: Aerial cradle, Flying trapeze, Acrobatic jump rope, Web, Balancing


Favorite Flying High Memory: I loved all of the behind the scenes moments - Putting up the tent, spreading the sawdust, building and raising the frame, rigging for the first practice of the day, creating new routines, and tearing down after the last show each summer at Callaway. All the things that make the circus go. But if I had to pick a favorite performance memory, it would be my 300th and final show on cradle with Jake Pacilio.

Sosie Kae Quarrie

Vice President (President-Elect)

Years in Circus: 2009-2017


Acts: Triple trapeze, Bike for 5, and Production Team


Favorite Flying High Memory: Besides meeting my best friend, Keenan Rogers; a family came up to me after a show and told me how amazing it was seeing representation of people of color in our show, especially how important it was for their kids to see. I think about the moment a lot.

Shannon Calloway


Years in Circus: 2003-2008


Acts: Hanging perch, Bike for 5, Setting slack wire, and Ringmaster. I also practiced skating a whole lot but never performed it.


Favorite Flying High Memory: Choosing one favorite memory is impossible. I spent every minute of my life at the lot and with circus people. It continues to be such an important part of my life. For the sake of brevity, I'll say that I was fortunate to make Dickie Brinson's famous peach cobbler with the man himself on a few occasions, and that was pretty darn special.

Current board serving through April 2023



Years in Circus: 1975-1980


Student-Alumni Liaison

Years in Circus: 1985-1989


Acts: Flying trapeze, Cloudswing, Hand balancing, Sky pole, Web, Bike for 5


Favorite Flying High Memory: This is too hard! In my last home show weekend, I had made some mistakes and had some falls in the shows leading up to Saturday night. Somehow, I (we) pulled it all together and hit everything including our passing leap! I was so excited I could not stop jumping up and down on the p-board. I also had many cast mates perform big that night, it was awesome!

Luke Nassar

Social Media Chair

Years in Circus: 2015-2017


Acts: Quartet Adagio & Bike for Five


Favorite Flying High Memory: It's hard for me to choose just one memory - because aren't they ALL the best? I obviously enjoyed performing in all of the Home Shows and Callaway shows, but I also really enjoyed rigging them - sometimes even more than performing. Something about knowing that YOU are making the show go on makes you feel important and almost bigger than the acts. Riggers are the "invisible" heroes of the show. My ultimate favorite memory has to be all of the people met along the way, and how supportive everyone is throughout the entire circus. I chose not to drink until I turned 21, but went to Callaway in the summer of 2016, after my freshman year concluded. Everyone was so supportive of my decision not to drink and even invited me to play in all of the drinking games with MY personal drink of choice (usually root beer), never once pressuring me to drink (although I think that's really because they just wanted all of the alcohol to themselves). The words "You don't have to do anything you don't want to do" rang true at Callaway Gardens and continued throughout my circus career, and I still see it in the Circus today.