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Meet the Board

Lindsay (Evans) Sparkman


Years in Circus: 2003-2007


Acts: Quartet Adagio, Low Casting, Hanging Perch, Bike for 5, Teeterboard (once)


Favorite Flying High Memory: To say that an alumni could pin down just one memory that is a favorite would be facetious! It is impossible to choose just one! However, my favorite times would be spending summers at Callaway Gardens living, playing and working together 24/7. Good times were always had and memories and friendships were made that will last a lifetime!

Thomas Vatter

Vice President (President-Elect)

Years in Circus: 2012-2017


Acts: Tightwire, Flying Trapeze, Low Casting, Hand Balancing


Favorite Flying High Memory: Most of my favorite memories involve the FSU Circus is some way. Some specifics that stand out are training and performing a pyramid on wire, clowning around on low casting, and all-guy-fly team at Callaway. This incredible organization brought me so many lifelong friends, I’ll be forever grateful for it. I look forward to meeting more Alum through this association!

Courtney Lathrop


Years in Circus: 2004- 2007


Acts: Spanish web, Bike for Five, and Swinging Trapeze

Favorite Flying High Memory: My most favorite circus memories are home shows where all of our hard work and commitment came to fruition and the sense of pride we all felt getting through each show.

Current board serving through April 2024



Years in Circus: 1975-1980

Kaylyn McFarland

Student-Alumni Liaison

Years in Circus: 2017-2022


Acts: Hand Balancing, Spanish web, Triple Trapeze, and Swinging Trapeze


Favorite Flying High Memory: My favorite circus memory was getting the amazing chance to perform in our 75th Anniversary Circus HomeShows during my last year of graduate school!


"Daly" Santana

Social Media Chair

Years in Circus: 2018-2023


Acts: Jumprope, Spanish web, and Cloudswing


Favorite Flying High Memory: This is *quite* the loaded question. A lot of my favorite memories took place during quarantine- staying in Tallahassee with my circus family was the best decision! I truly wouldn't have gotten through 2020 without the people this organization brought me. If I had to choose ONE moment, it would be the very last time I got to do the pre-show chant with everyone (I was sobbing). That was always my favorite part about shows <3